Breastfeeding Peer Counselors

by Jamie Shuster

tremelia-gorePromoting breastfeeding is one of the priority focuses of DHEC Public Health. Increasing the number of women who choose to breastfeed is an effective, evidence-based strategy to fight childhood obesity. Here at DHEC, we’re fortunate to have the support of breastfeeding peer counselors through our Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

Our WIC breastfeeding peer counselors are moms who have successfully breastfed their babies and use their experience to provide support and guidance to new moms who choose to breastfeed. These peer counselors serve as the backbone to our WIC breastfeeding program, offering encouragement to new moms and answering their questions and concerns.

One breastfeeding peer counselor in particular, Tremelia Gore, is known for going above and beyond to support and encourage mothers in breastfeeding their babies. Over the last four years, Tremelia has made weekly visits to McLeod-Loris Hospital and Conway Medical Center to offer breastfeeding guidance to new moms. Her supervisor describes Tremelia as “a treasure to our clients.”

Recently, Tremelia used her own money to make care packages for WIC clients at the Conway Health Department. She used preemie diapers, ribbon, and a small flower to make cupcake shaped treats for our WIC clients who were delighted with their unexpected gift.

Thank you to Tremelia and all of our breastfeeding peer counselors across the state who are supporting new moms in successfully nursing their babies.