Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

By Jamie Shuster

Many people don’t know that our Bureau of Drug Control (BDC) serves not only a regulatory role, but also provides enforcement of South Carolina’s Controlled Substances Act. In fact, our BDC inspectors are actually pharmacists who have undergone additional training and become state law enforcement officers.

Our BDC inspectors conduct onsite inspections and audits of pharmacies, hospitals, and practitioners to make sure they are properly recording, storing, and handling controlled substances. These important members of our Public Health team make recommendations and offer assistance to help these entities follow proper procedures in handling controlled substances. They respond to complaints and concerns reported to DHEC that sometimes indicate criminal activity or misuse of controlled substances. When warranted, our BDC inspectors also make arrests.

Last week, one of our BDC inspectors for the Midlands region, Eddie Black, Jr., was awarded the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for routinely going above and beyond the call of duty in his work at DHEC Public Health. (Above is a picture of Eddie receiving his award from DHEC Director Catherine Templeton.)

During the past year, Eddie has performed 116 inspections, conducted 9 audits, and made 60 arrests. He’s worked tirelessly to build relationships with other law enforcement officers and with the people and entities that he inspects and audits. Eddie also graduated top of his South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy class, where he received the J.P. Strom award for earning the highest overall academic grade in his class.

Congratulations, Eddie, on being named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, and thank you to all of our BDC inspectors for the work that you do every day to protect South Carolinians from potential abuse of controlled substances.

1 thought on “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

  1. James W Pangle, Pharmacist

    I would love to talk to you about joining the Bureau of Drug Control. I am James W Pangle Jr R. Ph. I have 30 years experience as a Pharmacist in Retail, Hospital and currently work at Ft. Jackson. I’ve tried to email Catherine Templeton but I guessed at both of your email addresses. I already applied on the state jobs website. I think I would be a positive influence on the staff with my pharmacy experience and my passion for Law Enforcement. I look forward to hearing from you and Catherine soon. Thanks so much!


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