Dr. Rachel Radcliffe Recognized for Excellence in Customer Service

By Cassandra Harris


(Photo Courtesy: Office of the Governor)

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control employee Rachel Radcliffe was invited to attend a public service recognition lunch with Governor Nikki Haley last month. Recognized for her exemplary customer service, she is dedicated to her work, leads by example, and serves as role model for all DHEC staff.

Radcliffe leads the Surveillance and Outbreak Investigation Section in the Division of Acute Disease Epidemiology at DHEC. In her role as section lead she provides a vital role in overseeing outbreak and field investigations for infectious diseases in South Carolina.

In addition to assisting with DHEC’s Ebola preparedness efforts, Radcliffe recently led an investigation of a bat infestation in a healthcare facility. An effective communicator and a team player, Radcliffe has and continues to help promote and protect the public health—keeping South Carolina prepared for potential public health threats.

When asked about the favorite part of her job, Radcliffe answered—“Working with the people in our division… Our division is comprised of a great group of people with a wide variety of backgrounds. From practitioners, to epidemiologists, to administrators—they all try to do their best in the interest of the public health.”

Holding both a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a master’s degree in veterinary public health, Rachel’s educational background and pragmatic experience plays an essential role in her daily tasks and responsibilities. Prior to joining DHEC in 2014, Rachel served two years in the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Program as an EIS officer, and three years as a CDC career epidemiology field officer.

Thanks to Dr. Radcliffe and all of the members of our Division of Acute Disease Epidemiology for your continued efforts to help protect the health and safety of South Carolinians.

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