LEAP to Spark Creative Ideas, Develop Leaders

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control is investing in its future leaders with the launch of its inaugural Leadership Excellence and Achievement Program (LEAP) this summer. Twenty-four participants will take part in the 12-month DHEC employee program designed to develop future DHEC leaders while cultivating new ideas that will create overall improvements for the agency.

Often the best ideas come from within, and LEAP offers the perfect opportunity to grow those concepts to boost the agency.

Congratulations to the first class of participants: Chrissy Chavis, Abby Kesler and Bentley White of Health Regulations; Tripp Clark, Whitney Cofield, Kandi Fredere, Holly Gillam, Chris Hoots, and Kim Paradeses of Operations; Harley Davis, Emma Kennedy, Shenika McCray, Kristin Pillion, Rachel Radcliffe, and Mike Smith of Health Services; Susan Fulmer, Travis Fuss, Robin Mack, Michael Mattocks, Kyle Maurer, and Chris Stout of Environmental Affairs; Bryony Wardell of Communications; Michael Traynham of the Office of General Counsel; and Patrice Witt of Human Resources.

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