Environmental Public Health Tracking Awareness Week is July 10-14

Making Connections between Your Health and Environment

EPHT logoSouth Carolina Environmental Public Health Tracking joins the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in celebrating Environmental Public Health Tracking Awareness Week July 10-14.

The CDC has provided funding for South Carolina to build an Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (EPHT) to help inform and protect our citizens. An EPHT program is a nationally integrated information system that enables people to use data to make informed decisions about health issues arising from, or directly related to, environmental factors.

The purpose of EPHT is to make environmental and public health information more accessible and to monitor trends over time. Doing so can help identify patterns and trends leading to interventions, policy change, and development to improve public health and protect communities.

Look for the SC EPHT related posts on Facebook and Twitter during the dates below for Environmental Public Health Tracking Awareness Week. Use #SCEPHT on social media to help spread awareness for DHEC’s EPHT program and how it can help South Carolina’s citizens.

Monday, July 10: Air Quality-Ozone and Particulate Matter

Tuesday, July 11: Hospitalization-Asthma and Heart Attack

 Wednesday, July 12: Childhood Lead Poisoning

Thursday, July 13: Drinking Water

Friday, July 14: Climate and Health

Visit www.scdhec.gov/epht/ to learn more about making informed decisions for yourself and your family concerning health issues related to local environmental factors.

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