National Diabetes Month: YOU Are the Most Important Person on Your Health Team

Dr. James Gavin gives tips on how to be the center of your diabetes care team.

Your diabetes health-care team is there to help you live well with diabetes, but you are the most important person on your health care team!  Seek support from health care professionals, family, friends, and your community to successfully manage your diabetes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Below are a few tips to stay healthy with diabetes:

Get routine care

At each visit with your provider make sure you have a:

  • blood pressure check
  • foot check
  • weight check
  • review of your self-care plan
    • Two times each year, have an:
      • A1C test. It may be checked more often if it is over 7.
    • Once each year, be sure you have a:
  • cholesterol test
  • complete foot exam
  • dental exam to check teeth and gums
  • dilated eye exam to check for eye problems
  • flu shot
  • urine and a blood test to check for kidney problems
  • At least once in your lifetime, get a:
  • pneumonia shot
  • hepatitis B shot
  • Watch this video with Dr. James Gavin for tips on how to be the center of your diabetes care team and manage your diabetes.

To learn more about your risk for diabetes, click here to take an online risk assessment.  For more information on how to prevent or manage diabetes in SC, please email or call 803-898-1934 to speak with someone in DHEC’s Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and School Health Division.

Additional Resources to Help You Prevent and Manage Diabetes

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