Three Companies Will Continue Efforts to Protect S.C.’s Environment

Kudos to Patheon API, Inc., CB&I AREVA MOX Services and Comatrol Danfoss for continuing their efforts to protect and preserve South Carolina’s environment by renewing their membership in the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP).

The SCEEP is a voluntary program for companies committed to continuous environmental improvement.  Membership in the program must be renewed every three years.

More about the three companies

Patheon API, Inc. (formerly Roche Carolina, Inc.) has been a member of the program since 2009.  During the past three years, Patheon has made upgrades to equipment to better control air emissions as well as a new system to use during periods of downtime.  With the installation of the new Cryogenic Condensation System and the Carbon Adsorption System, the facility has reported a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 1,400 tons per year.  The company has also installed new chiller units that use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. Patheon is focusing more on energy conservation and finding new ways to be an environmental leader.

CB&I AREVA MOX Services, located at the Savannah River Site, is a company that is constructing a facility to manufacture pellets by recycling surplus plutonium and mixing it with uranium to be used as fuel in nuclear reactors.  Recently, MOX Services has developed a method to remove the valve pins from their small propylene gas cylinders to ensure they are empty. The cylinders can then be shipped to an offsite facility for recycling.  Without developing the system to remove the pins, the cylinders were considered hazardous waste and unable to be recycled as there was no way to determine if they were [RCRA] empty.  Also, the amount of diesel fuel has been reportedly significantly reduced by running temporary electricity to the diesel generators and diesel light plants when they are needed in operation.  MOX Services has been a member of the SCEEP since 2011.

Comatrol Danfoss, located in Easley, SC, has been a member of SCEEP since 2009. Recycling and energy savings are top priorities at Comatrol Danfoss. The company strives to recycle products used in their production from waste generated to metal turnings and hydraulic oil.  Over the next three years, Comatrol Danfoss plans to further reduce its energy usage by installing new LED lamps and motion detectors for offices to ensure lights are only on when they need to be.  Water saving fixtures and water conserving units also will be installed. Each employee at the Comatrol Danfoss facility is working towards a 5 percent reduction in water usage and landfill reduction.

Congratulations to these three outstanding members of the SC Environmental Excellence Program.  Each of these companies will be members through 2020.

For more information about the SCEEP, please contact Rebecca Sproles at or 803-898-3139.

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