DHEC Celebrates the Importance of Adult Day Care Facilities

During the week of September 19-25, Adult Day Care (ADCs) facilities are celebrated and recognized for National Adult Day Services Week. There are currently 94 licensed ADCs in the state and they can be found by searching DHEC’s Find a Facility map. 

ADCs work to provide community-based day care services for those adults in need of a supportive setting, thereby preventing unnecessary institutionalization. ADCs provide a minimum of four and a maximum of 14 hours of operation a day. 

They offer solo and group activities and therapies through an individualized plan of care that sets forth measurable goals or behaviorally stated objectives with such services being designed to activate, motivate, and retrain impaired or other categories of adults to enable them to sustain or regain functional independence. 

The 1983 proclamation establishing this national holiday details the importance of ADCs and the services they provide: “In recognition that adult day care centers and their dedicated professional staffs serve many health maintenance functions, provide vital medical care, including medication monitoring, therapies, and health education, and provide invaluable opportunities for social interaction to disabled elderly Americans.” 

Mary Johns of Dillon Adult Day Care regularly sees the benefit of such facilities. 

“Dillon Adult Day Care shows the care, love, and comfort for the clients and their family member,” she said. “We assure the family that they can continue to work in peace as we care for their loved ones at this hard time. The key is to keep everyone happy and safe.” 

Family members of two participants that attend New Generations Adult Day Care in Marion spoke positively about ADCs as well. 

“My family and I are very grateful to have our sister to attend New Generations,” one said. “She enjoys the friendship and fellowship of everyone. It not only frees up time for myself, but she is able to have a social life and activity outside of home.” 

Another family member said New Generation ADC has been a great place for her mother. 

“The love, the warm friendly staff, caring nurses and clean facility was a win-win for me,” the individual said. “They have been a blessing to me and my mother ever since.”    

The services ADCs provide coincide with DHEC’s mission to improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians by protecting and promoting the health of the public and environment.  

More information on how to celebrate National Adult Day Services Week can be found here

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