Don’t Waste Food SC Provides Thanksgiving Tips 

Thanksgiving is typically a holiday of overabundance, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste food.  Here are some tips from your friends at Don’t Waste Food SC to make sure you don’t throw away any of your feast this year.  

  • Get a headcount of guests, then use Save the Food’s Guest-imator. It even lets you account for small, medium and big eaters, so you can be sure to have the right amount of food for everyone.  
  • Plan ahead and only buy the amount of ingredients you need for each dish based on the number of people coming to feast– that way, you don’t have half a bag of dried cranberries that end up in the garbage. Remember to shop local if you can!  
  • Let the meal keep on giving and have to-go containers ready for your guests to take food home. Or even ask your guests to bring their own.  
  • Be creative with your leftovers instead of having the same turkey sandwich every day. This will also help keep those leftovers out of the landfill. For leftover recipe ideas, check out ourFacebook and Instagram.  
  • If you’re fry master, remember to recycle your used cooking oil. Each SC county – and even some local fire departments – accept cooking oil for recycling. Click hereto learn where you can take your used cooking oil.  
  • After it’s all over, maybe you have extra cans of unopened pumpkin, cranberry sauce, or vegetables. Donate these items to your local food bank or food rescue organization. It’s the season of giving after all!  

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Don’t Waste Food SC!  

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