DHEC Staff Help Scouts Earn Public Health Merit Badges

More than 300 Scouts from throughout the Palmetto State met March 19 at River Bluff High School to participate in Merit Badge University. DHEC’s Tripp Clark, Director of Procurement Services and a life-long Boy Scout and Scout leader, led 16 scouts in a day-long investigation into the world of public health.  

The session covered a myriad of topics including:  

  • explain what public health is 
  • learn about a variety of diseases and conditions and how they are contracted and possibly prevented 
  • explain the meaning of immunization 
  • name diseases against which a young child should be immunized 
  • name diseases that everyone should be immunized against and any annual immunizations 
  • discuss safe drinking water and how it prevents the spread of disease 
  • explain what a vector is and how insects and rodents can be controlled 
  • visit a food service facility 
  • describe health dangers from air, water, and noise pollution 
  • describe health dangers from tobacco, alcohol, and drug use 
  • compare the leading causes of morbidity in your community 
  • discuss the kinds of public assistance the agency can provide during disasters 

Special thanks to the following staff for helping to provide information and activities for Tripp to use with the Scouts: 

  • Nick Davidson, Senior Deputy for Public Health 
  • Beth Poore, Immunization Health Education Coordinator 
  • Caleb Cox, Vital Statistics Director 
  • Jamie Blair, Interim Bureau Director, Public Health Preparedness 
  • Dr. Jonathan Knoche, Medical Consultant 
  • Marcus Robinson, Chief Human Resources Officer 
  • Ann Clark, Bureau of Water 
  • JT Gary, Webmaster 

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