DHEC Celebrates Air Quality Awareness Week

Air Quality Awareness Week (AQAW) 2022 has been designated as May 2 – May 6. AQAW corresponds with ozone season, wildfire season, and World Asthma Day. The theme for AQAW 2022 is “Be Air Aware & Prepared.”  

The daily topics include: 

Celebrate this week by doing your share to spare the air! 

  • Use electric powered lawn equipment. 
  • Keep your vehicle maintained to reduce emissions.  
  • Combine trips and errands. 
  • Park instead of waiting in line at drive-through windows to reduce idling time.  
  • Telecommute or work a flex schedule if possible. 

For more information about the progress for improving air quality in the U.S., go to the Association of Air Pollution Control’s (AAPCA) 2022 edition of the State Air Trends & Successes: The StATS Report.

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