Celebrate International Day of Veterinary Medicine: Dec. 9

December 9 is International Day of Veterinary Medicine. This day recognizes the tremendous efforts put forth by veterinarians and their teams to overcome daily challenges in order to advocate for their clients’ and their pets’ health and wellbeing across the globe.  

Veterinarians work tirelessly to maintain and protect the health of our most beloved furry, feathered and scaled family members, our pets! Veterinarians play a vital role in safeguarding the health of people around the world, educating them on the importance of proper care of their pets and the prevention of zoonotic diseases that spread from animals to people. 

Routine rabies vaccinations in dogs, cats and ferrets are nearly 100% effective in preventing rabies infection. Veterinarians in South Carolina administered approximately 735,000 rabies vaccinations in 2021. This is great news for the health of both pets and residents of our state as rabies is a preventable disease. 

For more information on rabies and to find a low-cost rabies vaccination clinic near you, click here. 

Please take a moment to thank your veterinarian, veterinary technicians, kennel care team and front desk receptionists for the hard work and dedication they provide you and your pets! 

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