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From Other Blogs: Staying hydrated, healthy summer cookouts, handwashing & more

A collection of health and environmental posts from other governmental blogs.

Five tips to stay hydrated and healthy this summer

In South Carolina, you can always count on a hot summer. While your family enjoys fun activities like summer camps for children, summer training for athletes and days by the beach or lake, increased temperatures will make your body produce more sweat to keep you cool. This makes adults, children and athletes struggle with staying hydrated. Just 2 to 3 pounds of sweat loss during physical activity can lead to dehydration. — From Flourish, Palmetto Health’s blog

Five tips for a healthy and safe summer cookout

The summer season brings outdoor activities including family reunions, cookouts and picnics. Lisa Akly, Palmetto Health Heart Hospital dietitian, shares five tips to ensure that your outdoor meals are not only healthy but safe as well. — From Flourish, Palmetto Health’s blog

Millions of Americans with Dirty Hands Are Spreading Dangerous Bacteria

Have you ever seen someone handling food in a way that you would never do yourself? Maybe they were preparing raw poultry and then immediately handled lettuce without washing their hands. Or maybe they did wash their hands, but they dried them by wiping them on their pants. You would never do that, right? Then again, maybe there are things we all do that might increase our risk for foodborne illness. — From the US Department of Agriculture blog

Protect Your Hearing This Summer and Year Round!

The National Center for Environmental Health at CDC encourages you to show off your noisecancelling headphones while participating in noisy activities this summer. Snap a photo of yourself, your family, and your friends, and share on social media. Be certain to tag your photo to #SafeHearingSelfie.

Below are some suggestions of noisy activities… From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Your Health — Your Environment blog

Manning Named Top S.C. Young Dietitian

As a S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control registered dietitian, Shorus Manning understands the importance of eating well.
“I love what I do, and I take the responsibility of imparting relatable nutrition knowledge very seriously,” she said.
That’s precisely why the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Scholarships and Awards Committee named Shorus the state’s 2016 Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year.
Shorus was honored for demonstrating leadership in the organization, her efforts to promote health and nutrition, along with her community and volunteer activities and support of her peers. She serves in DHEC’s Professional and Community Nutrition Services Office as a SNAP-education dietitian. Although she has been with DHEC for 10 years altogether, starting as a work-study student, Shorus has been a dietitian for the past four years.
“I think food and nutrition is constantly overlooked as being a first step to changing your health,” according to Shorus. “Through my experience, I’ve noticed it’s usually the last step that people consider. There is also a big misconception that you have to make drastic changes to your diet to be healthy. This is not true. During my nutrition education classes and cooking demonstrations I teach about small changes.”
Those teachings are getting the native South Carolinian noticed. She hopes this award will shine light on DHEC’s SNAP-Ed program.
“The ladies in the Office of Professional and Community Nutrition Services work so hard around the clock to improve the health of South Carolinians, and I am honored to participate in this effort.”