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Leading by example: DHEC employees invited to annual health screening

By Jamie Shuster

CR-011083_millsjarrettA healthy workforce is a happy workforce. Starting September 9, DHEC Central Office employees, their spouses, and retirees are invited to participate in our annual Prevention Partners health screenings.

Done in office, this annual screening offers a quick, convenient and affordable way for employees to take a proactive role in maintaining good health. Normally priced at $350, the Prevention Partners health assessment is just $15 for individuals covered by the state’s health insurance plans and $55 for those with alternative insurance coverage, including Medicare and Tricare.

The screenings, which are offered to DHEC employees across the state at different times of the year, provide a confidential Health Risk Appraisal including family history, lifestyle information, medical history, BMI, blood pressure and weight and comprehensive lab tests. In addition, men over 40 can receive a free prostate screening blood test.

The health screenings will take place from 8 a.m. to noon at: Continue reading