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DHEC Continues Its Work To Improve Permitting Process

        The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) included DHEC’s work with Boeing in its Smart            Sectors program video highlighting best practices in environmental permitting.

By Shelly Wilson
Permitting and Federal Facilities Liaison

On June 26, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighted DHEC’s efforts to streamline the permitting process for the Boeing expansion in North Charleston as a national best practice.

EPA specifically showcased DHEC permitting for the Boeing expansion as an example of how planning, collaboration, and innovation can be good for the environment, the community, and the economy.

This recognition from the EPA affirms DHEC’s overall efforts at improving the permitting process. DHEC has been working to streamline its permitting over the past several years, and the Boeing expansion and the new Volvo plant are excellent examples of the agency’s integrated joint planning process that kept permitting schedules on target or faster.

DHEC has reduced the average time it takes to issue South Carolina permits by about 40 percent since 2007. That yields an estimated economic impact between $72 million and $103 million each year for the state and shows that protective permitting can be done quickly and fit well within the community.

The size of your project doesn’t matter

The effort to streamline the permitting process isn’t aimed at just larger companies. No matter the size of your enterprise, DHEC will work to minimize the time it takes to get the necessary permits.

Whether you’re starting the business of your dreams or are seeking to expand, you will likely have to get a permit from DHEC if that new enterprise or expansion could have an impact on the public health or the environment in South Carolina.

We know permitting can be challenging. At DHEC we are working hard to serve you, to make permitting transparent, and to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

We believe permitting should be clear, timely, and responsive. That is why we created Permit Central, launched by former Governor Nikki Haley in 2013. Permit Central is a service that helps our customers see the whole permitting picture up front, get help getting started, and jointly plan a permit target schedule.

Permit Central improving customer service

How do you engage Permit Central?  It’s really up to you. You can go through the interactive questionnaire on our website at www.scdhec.gov/PermitCentral/PermitCentral/ and it will tell you the permits that you will likely need. The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and does not retain any of the information that you enter.

If you’d like, give me a call and we can talk through your permitting questions. I will be your tour guide through the entire permit journey. You can also contact me to set up a discussion with our Permit Central Team made up of knowledgeable DHEC representatives who can help answer your more detailed questions.


When you talk with us early in your planning process we can help advise you on which permitting strategies best suit your plans. We can also give you planning times and work with you to develop a joint permit target schedule. When we have jointly developed a schedule with those seeking permits, we have been very successful in meeting that target schedule.

No matter how big or small your plans are — personal (such as homebuilding) or business — or whether you just want to know more about an upcoming local business application, don’t hesitate to contact me through Permit Central to get your questions answered.

Contact Shelly Wilson at (803) 898-3138, (803) 920-4987 or wilsonmd@dhec.sc.gov

Hope Ramsey Recognized for Exemplary Service

By Cassandra Harris

for blog post

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control employee Hope Ramsey joined a small group of her peers last month for a public service recognition lunch with Governor Nikki Haley. Director of the agency’s Accounts Receivable Division, Ramsey was recognized for her outstanding leadership, teamwork, and customer service.

A valued member of our Budget and Finance Management team, Ramsey recently played a pivotal role in the roll-out and rewriting of the new private pay system—making it easier and more user-friendly to operate. The automated private pay system was developed to put into place more effective internal controls for the receipting and financial reporting of monies taken in by our programs at each health department site statewide. Both preventative controls and detective controls have been incorporated into the automated private pay system. In addition, she was involved in the integration testing of the system, training DHEC staff from across the state on how to use new application.

When asked about her work at DHEC, Ramsey said— “I enjoy working and leading my current team. I take pride in the work that we do. I love my job. Enjoying what you do makes it a lot easier to get up and come to work every morning.”

Holding over 16 years of experience at the agency, Ramsey started with DHEC as a Fiscal Tech I, working in various positions to her current role as division director. An exemplary team leader, Ramsey leads by example, setting strong standards and values for her team.

Thanks to Ramsey and all of the members of our Accounts Receivable Division team for your continued efforts to help serve our agency and the state.