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DHEC Recognizes National Midwifery Week, October 4-10

This week is National Midwifery Week and DHEC recognizes the exceptional work that licensed midwives and their apprentices accomplish across South Carolina. This year’s theme is “Midwives for Equity,” and highlights midwives’ belief that every person has a right to equitable, ethical, accessible and quality healthcare.

Licensed midwives provide prenatal care, primary assistance in the birthing process, initial care of the newborn and postpartum care of the mother. The midwifery model of care empowers individuals and communities, creates compassionate partnerships, and personalizes care based upon each individual’s life experiences and knowledge.

DHEC is the licensing and regulatory agency for direct-entry midwives practicing in SC, and we continue to communicate with midwives, their consumers, their supporters, and the Midwifery Advisory Council (MAC) to ensure that the community’s voices are being heard.

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