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DHEC Celebrates the Importance of Adult Day Care Facilities

During the week of September 19-25, Adult Day Care (ADCs) facilities are celebrated and recognized for National Adult Day Services Week. There are currently 94 licensed ADCs in the state and they can be found by searching DHEC’s Find a Facility map. 

ADCs work to provide community-based day care services for those adults in need of a supportive setting, thereby preventing unnecessary institutionalization. ADCs provide a minimum of four and a maximum of 14 hours of operation a day. 

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DHEC Celebrates National Adult Day Services Week, Sept. 20-26

September 20-26 is National Adult Day Services Week. DHEC is proud of the 88 licensed adult day care facilities, or ADCs, that have shown compassion and dedication to their communities. Their services not only allow caregivers a more flexible schedule, but they improve the livelihood of the adult day care participants.

ADCs provide – 4-14 hours of daily care, including, recreational activities, arts & crafts, discussion groups, meals and day trips.

ADCs are not the same as long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. An ADC will normally operate during normal business hours, while some may offer evening or weekend hours. Some ADCs specialize and cater to specific populations such as those with developmental disability or those in need of memory care.

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