Back-to-School and Immunizations

back-to-school-immunizationsBy Stephen Hudson

It’s hard to believe school starts next week. Regardless if your child is heading to kindergarten this year, or is a returning student, they are well prepared with books, paper, pencils and most importantly their immunizations. Yes, immunizations for students are an important part of their success this school year.

To attend school students need updated vaccinations, and DHEC is reminding parents and guardians now is the time to get your children vaccinated before the new school year starts to ensure they stay healthy and ready to learn. With a new school year brings new adventures and new friends. Let it also mean our state’s children and properly vaccinated and ready for the new year.

Check with your child’s pediatrician or visit the CDC for a listing of vaccines needed for school. We have a complete listing of immunizations your child will need for enrollment in a South Carolina school on our website.

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