The calm before the storm: Are you prepared?

By Cassandra Harris


If a hurricane occurred today, would you be ready? Governor Nikki Haley has proclaimed May 31 to June 6, 2015 as Hurricane Awareness Week throughout the State of South Carolina—encouraging South Carolinians to get prepared.

A key component of being prepared is having a plan. With the start of hurricane season quickly approaching, DHEC is encouraging all South Carolina visitors and residents to build an emergency kit and have a family disaster plan in place. Also, in the case of evacuation don’t forget to “Know Your Zone.”

In addition, anyone with special medical needs should consult a physician regarding the best place to be during the storm, and make sure that you have adequate access to proper medications, medical supplies and equipment.  American Red Cross shelters and DHEC Special Medical Needs Shelters (SMNS) should be your last resort and used only when no other option is available.

Remember, the actions you take today can help protect you and your loved ones tomorrow. Stay informed, stay prepared!

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